Friday, July 25, 2014

Random Photos

Lily enjoying a KK doughnut

After watching The Walking Dead, Lily slept with Shelly

Shelly enjoying her drink at Center Grove

Shelly trying on a hat at Target
Shelly on the deck admiring the moon

Wedding Rehearsal

Lily and Kaden at the reception

Shelly in her doughnut shirt enjoying a smiley face doughnut

I finally won this ridiculously addicting game!

On our way to Busch Gardens!

Lunch at Red Robin

Froyo after dinner

J & K selfie

Girls at the Gorslines

Shelly & John after dinner stroll

John and the girls

Peace out from Shelly

Shelly at TJ Maxx

She's Stoked for summer
And, finally, a little cousin sing along:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Tunes

I love the songs of the summer. Here are three new ones the girls and I are enjoying:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunshine Fun Time

Fun floats
We love to spend our time out at the pool in the summer. Always a good time!!!

Snack time


Blowing kisses

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Process

I just recently read a post on the HumansofNY Instagram and a mother mentioned that she was working on the process of letting go. That really struck a chord with me. As mothers, we are constantly creating an environment where we can see our children growing and becoming independent and our job is to let them go. 

Little Lily

I'm a newbie at this process. I've just recently started seeing the value in keeping my mouth shut and allowing my children to make some decisions without hearing my opinion first. And guess what? It has been a pretty successful experiment. They are making good decisions, pushing themselves, and gaining confidence. 

Small Shelly

I have to admit, I'm a talker. I love to give them advice and share my experiences. But sometimes I think all of that keeps them from the process of letting go...of letting go of me and making their own choices.

Lily and Shelly growing up

I know I won't always keep my opinions to myself, but I'm learning how to stand back and let my girls succeed or even fail. I know that with either outcome they'll become aware of how to make their own choices in life and I'll learn how to let step at a time. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Saturday was our niece's wedding. It was just beautiful. We are all very happy for the newly wed couple.

The view
Sofia and Shelly
Arthur and Leni

Matthew and John

Sweet Shelly
The bride

Pretty Sofia
Sisters and brothers

The bride and the girls



The favors
Flower girl and bridesmaid
The guys

John and his girls

John gazing at the ocean

Kristina and David

Pretty Lily

Lily and John



Flower girl
Matthew and Kristina

Mary and family

Pat and Chelsea

Daughter Father Dance
Cutting the cake
Polaroid Booth

Looking over the deck

Shelly, Sofia, and Lily



Shelly & Sofia

The super moon on a super night

Deck craziness
Groom and the bride dancing

Shelly holding the moon


Cousins by the moonlight