Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello, Blog!

It has been awhile since my last post. It was busy here last week. We had two sets of company stay with us. 

My dad was here and he had a chance to watch Lily and her volleyball team play. 

Then six of John's family members came for a long weekend. It was beautiful weather so we had a chance to sit in the sun, go on walks/runs, go to the Science Center, eat great food, and play games. 

The girls went to school on Monday and Tuesday for snow make up days. So, our spring break began on Wednesday. 

They started the break with sleepovers and friend time. A few movies are in the plans and a little spring clothing shopping. We are looking forward to a few more days off and a sunny Easter Sunday. 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Random Monday

Here are some random items for you on what is a very rainy Monday in North Carolina.

I've just recently discovered the store Five and Below. It's a version of the Dollar Tree but everything is under $5. I bought some hand weights for Lily ($2.50 a piece), duct tape for Shelly ($3.99), an iPhone 5S case for me ($5), and some other random items. Oh, this was one of those things. This dancing Panda (known as Bamboo) just makes me smile as we cruise on down the road!

The Panda was in motion when I took this picture hence the blurry shot

I bought the Bona hardwood floor cleaner and I am really pleased with how well it cleaned and shined my floors.

Daisy popping into the photo on the back of the couch

We opened the pool this weekend and true to form it was very green (kind of electric green). John got busy cleaning it and although the dirt was being picked up the color was still pretty green. So the girls and I ran out for some Shock for the pool to help bring it back to blue. And after only 12 hours with the Shock it is already looking better. Won't be long now and the pool will be sparkling blue and ready for the swimmers.


After opening the pool

With all of the outdoor activity going on here, we decided that we needed to replace the outdoor carpet on the deck. The one we bought last year was fading and just not looking so great. So we switched it out with a new one from Lowe's. The rain was falling heavily when I took this photo, but I'm very happy with the new rug.

And, the old rug found a new home in the garage. May sound a bit odd, but our garage floor can be very slippery when wet. In the summer, the kids are going in and out of the garage for freezer treats and this will hopefully help.

With Spring arriving (FINALLY) we hit our favorite frozen yogurt shop on Saturday!!!

Inside the house, I printed out this cute Audrey Hepburn quote from this site. I posted it on our chevron board and it sits outside of the guest bathroom. 

And, my last random bit for the day...awhile back I bought these curtains from Kirkland's and I really love the zip of pattern they add to the front rooms. A bit tough to see in these rainy day photos.

dining room


Thursday, April 03, 2014


Look what was roaming the streets of our 'hood!!!

He (or she) was actually in our neighbors' front yard and it was just so shocking to see him. So we stopped and took some photos!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy---the Pomeranian

On our way home from the beach trip, the bus made a stop at a gas station right outside of Raleigh. As Shelly and I stood in line for a restroom break, I had the idea to get off the bus and have John come pick us up. 

Sounds odd, but our plans for that evening were to arrive home from the trip at about 8:00 and then get back in the car to drive the hour and a half trip back to Raleigh. We were going there on Friday night for Lily's final volleyball tournament on Saturday morning. So, avoiding that long drive home and return trip sounded appealing. 

After checking with the teachers and getting our bags we left the bus and friends behind and set out on our adventure. 

I looked up a cab company and arranged to have them pick us up at the Burger King next to the gas station. After checking on the cost of the cab ride, I let the driver know I was short on cash and she offered to take me to an ATM to get the remainder of the money.

We hung out at the BK and waited for the cab driver to arrive. As I scanned the restaurant, I was feeling slightly uneasy about our whereabouts. I tried to be sure that I didn't let that show because this adventure wasn't too appealing to Shelly. She was a bit concerned about it all (understandably). 

Our cab arrived and I instantly felt better about the situation. The driver happily took our bags and helped us into the cab. Inside the cab we found the cutest little dog. Happy, the Pomeranian, was sitting up front and happily watching us. Once we told the cab driver it was ok, she let Happy come to the back to see us. That sweet little dog made our trip so fun and she relieved Shelly's fears. Happy was a rescue dog who had found the perfect owner. 

The sweet cab driver got us to the hotel and would only accept the $32 in cash that I had. As opposed to taking us to an ATM for the remaining $13. I took her card and am sending her the remainder of the fare. She made a crazy situation better by bringing her Happy-ness into our life that day.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Volleyball Palooza!

An all volleyball post for today!!! 

Lily had her last JO volleyball tournament for the season on Saturday in Raleigh.  She had such a good experience on the team this year. It really helped her improve her skills and build her confidence. So proud of her for overcoming a previously not-so great situation and getting back out there!!!

JO team preparing for play

Perfecting that serve

On Wednesday Lily’s school volleyball team had their first game. She’s a starter this season and that puts a smile on all of our faces. This is such great group of girls and we are all eager to watch them play!

Team Huddle

Happy volleyball player

Ready for action

Enjoying the game

Post game huddle

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Beach Field Trip

Shelly and I and her classmates went on an overnight field trip to Beaufort last week. We had such a fun time together and did so many things. We went to the town of Beaufort. We took a double decker bus tour and a boat cruise. We toured the NC maritime museum. We checked out Ft. Macon, toured the NC Aquarium, and went to the Tryon Palace. We had dinner at the White Oak River Bistro and it was delicious. We also had lunch at the Sanitary Restaurant. It sat right on the water and the weather was so beautiful. A great time was had by all. 

On the boat cruise

Good friends
At Ft. Macon

The NC Aquarium

My sweet travelling companion

At the river otter display

Kissing the frog 

On the streets of Beaufort

At the Sanitary Restaurant

A sunny and happy ending to our trip

Stayed tuned to what happened at the end of our field trip!!!!